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Who is an Ambitious Woman? A Story of Lorephil Aguinaldo: Founder of Canajan Inc.

September 4, 2020

To be successful is what many of us aspire to be. No matter what age, race, or gender; at some point in our lives we dreamed. We dreamed that someday our stories will become the beacon of light that would give hope to others, that things will get better if they strive harder. This blog talks about how a regular house cleaner became CEO of her own cleaning company, and is now a self-made Entrepreneur in Canada.

 Lorephil Aguinaldo is a Filipina woman who migrated to Canada with the hopes of a better life. Like many other Filipinos, travelling overseas and finding a job there seems to be the only solution to escape to fill the empty stomachs of their families and in order to earn more money to sustain their living. Following her early pregnancy and other life mishaps, she decided to take the risk and fly to Canada for one reason: TO FOLLOW HER DREAMS. Migrating to Canada as a foreign worker, she left her children, an 11 month old infant who she barely breastfed and a 2 year old daughter who have grown to miss her so much, to look for greener pastures. She knew nothing but the native tongue she spoke, very little knowledge in the English Language, and with no sufficient funds at that time, she faced a lot of difficulties in the new place she came to gamble her life in. Not to mention the loneliness she’s been through due to homesickness that many Overseas Filipino Workers like her need to endure and overcome. However, Lorephil didn’t let this hinder her goal. She found drive in cleaning and she became really determined to reach her goals: TO BE SUCCESSFUL. She made cleaning as an escape from all the stress and she poured all the loneliness she felt while doing it. With a lot of determination and motivation, she cleaned as many fancy houses she could and one day dreamed of owning one, where she and her family could live happily. For every stroke of her fragile hands that needed to be worn out to earn for a living, as she wiped floors and tidied rooms: SHE DREAMED. Not just for herself, but for her family.

Sometimes in life, we have to find that inspiration that would drive us to work three, four times harder, and for Lorephil that was her family. From simply dreaming to touch the snow of Canada, she dared to dream even bigger. In 2016, she decided to start her own company and quit her job. Quitting her job means risking everything and just leaping in faith. Hoping everything will go well. She envisioned a cleaning company that would cater to Senior Citizens, Persons with disability, busy professionals, and to anyone who just can’t have the time to clean their homes. That’s when CanaJan Inc was born.

Lorephil is now a businesswoman earning six figures income and is a multi-awarded entrepreneur. Her awards include New Citizen Award,  Newcomer Entrepreneur finalist in Alberta Business Awards of Distinction and nominee in awebusiness ( Allberta Women Entrepreneurs). She is a testimony to the saying “Dreams do come true”. With hard work, determination, and an abundance mindset, Lorephil was able to turn rags into riches, and stones into gold: A TRUE EXAMPLE OF AN EMPOWERED WOMAN.


Cleanliness is an aspect of life that you should give importance to. It induces productivity and lessens the stress that you are constantly having. While it easy to say that clean surrounding matters, not all of us have the time to clean or some of us just don’t have the passion for it. This is where cleaning services enter our life to solve that dilemma. As a customer, you wouldn’t just hire a company who does cleaning as their service; you might as well choose the one whose passion is cleaning.  No one knows how to clean better than a company owner who did the cleaning herself.

CanaJan Inc. is a cleaning company in Northside of Edmonton offering their services to the whole Edmonton Area and Alberta North. It was founded in 2016, after the owner, Lorephil Aguinaldo, left her regular job and took the risks of starting a business. With little capital or no capital at all, she did everything she can to let ends meet. After years of cleaning houses herself, she built her own cleaning company and that’s where it all started. She coined the name from “Canadian Janitorial”, creating the brand CanaJan Inc. No one knows how to clean better than an owner who did the cleaning herself.

The company started with barely 2 clients they cleaned properties for. From two, it now has 35 regular clients and 10 commercial clients with 8 employees. This is all because of the quality work and practice Lorephil mandated her employees to do: TO DO THEIR BEST and GIVE THE CUTOMERS QUALITY CLEANING. CanaJan Inc’s mission is to be of help to busy individuals or to anyone who doesn’t have the time to clean their homes or properties. It is their goal:

Let your worries go and hire cleaning services such as CanaJan Inc Cleaning Company. The company does not only have the proper equipment for cleaning but it has great systems as well. Not only that, CanaJan Inc is known for its industrious and honest cleaners who would make you smile anytime of the day. Here are some of the testimonials from the clients:

Roselyn Dale

Wetaskiwin Cinema Manager

 “At first meeting, Miss Lorephil took time and drove to Wetaskiwin to inspect the site herself and quoted us. Her prompt response via email, phone calls and texts sped up the process. She is  very considerate and passionate in helping others, she and her team went over and beyond our expectations!  We, in the Cinema management, must say, they took pride of what they do and it shows! We are very happy and satisfied with the work they did for us! We strongly recommend the honesty, quality and professional services of this company!

Frida Pesin

Owner, Mama Roza Garden Childcare

“After debating for a while, I made the decision that I cannot do everything and it is ok to ask for help! For the cost of the house cleaning, I received the following: A clean house, serenity and peace of mind.”

What makes up a company is not the profit it earns but the foundation built with passion and hardwork. With a virtuous and humble owner, honest and hardworking employees, CanaJan Inc Cleaning Company takes pride to be one of the trusted cleaning services in Alberta. Just almost 5 years in the business, it has proven that a business,  if in good and humble hands, shall prosper.